Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Week and Half Late

A good read on the Morgentaler debate.

I believe people who work hard, undoubtably care, pay their incredible debt of service to their nation deserve to be honoured.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Feel Validated!

Socially awkward? Hit the books
From Thursday's Globe and Mail
July 10, 2008 at 9:14 AM EDT

For a good chunk of the summer, 17-year-old Charlotte Spafford plans to hole up in her room so the words of author Toni Morrison can transport her deep into the American South. Not exactly a sure-fire way to enhance her teenage social life - or is it?

A group of Toronto researchers have compiled a body of evidence showing that bookworms have exceptionally strong people skills.

Their years of research - summed up in the current issue of New Scientist magazine - has shown readers of narrative fiction scored higher on tests of empathy and social acumen than those who read non-fiction texts. And follow-up research showed that reading fiction may help fine-tune these skills: People assigned to read a New Yorker short story did better on social reasoning tests than those who read an essay from the same magazine.

Those benefits, researchers say, may be because fiction acts as a type of simulator. Reading about make-believe people having make-believe adventures or whirlwind romances may actually help people navigate those trials in real life.

"Fiction is really about how to get around in the social world, which is not as easy as one might think," said Keith Oatley, one of the researchers and a professor in the department of human development and applied psychology at the University of Toronto. "People who read fiction give themselves quite a bit of practice in understanding that. And also, I think reading fiction sort of prompts one to think about these questions - you know, what are these people up to?"

Makes sense to Ms. Spafford, whose love of fiction began with The Cat in the Hat and graduated to an obsession with the Brontë sisters and, most recently, novels by African-American authors.

"I've always been interested in people and why they do the things they do," she said from her home in Abbotsford, B.C.

The research, published in various peer-reviewed journals over the past few years, is founded on ideas held by everyone from Aristotle to Charles Dickens, Dr. Oatley said. Throughout history, fiction has long been lauded for its benefits to the reader as a source of entertainment, understanding of the world and as a way to improve one's character.

But now researchers are using empirical methods to see whether those suspected psychological benefits are real. Their positive findings have given fiction some credit at a time when funding for some arts programs is being threatened and kids would rather grab a joystick than a Judy Blume novel, says Raymond Mar, assistant professor in psychology at Toronto's York University, who has researched the science of fiction for seven years.

"Fiction doesn't get a lot of respect," he said. "It has always been viewed as false and as a frivolous thing that had no bearing on real life. But the fact of the matter is, there are effects that continue on after we close the book."

Dr. Mar says this body of research is still in its infancy, and there are still many unanswered questions that he and his collaborators plan to tackle.

For example, most of their research has focused on fiction in general. But would they find similar effects if they looked at biographies? And do sci-fi tales about chasing aliens through the galaxy have the same benefits as Alice Munro's short stories about love and loss? And what parts of the brain are stimulated when literary simulation is in full effect?

Ms. Spafford, for one, says she's seen first-hand how reading has enhanced both her social life and her understanding of the world - "if you use it right, and you don't sit in your room all day. It's just a question of balance."

She heads to the University of Victoria in September where she plans to study psychology.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Left Eye is Twitching a Little Bit

So on top of my busy two months, I have had the busiest of my busy weekends this past. So I am cheaping out...here's a list of my favourite things as of late.

- Vanilla lattes
- This cardigan
- This magazine (It's my birthday July 17th!!)
- This outfit (and I have a gift certificate to spend there!)
- I desperately need a new bathing suit, and this one is oooh so perfect!
- My current summer read
- Pirate's Booty
- I think this would be the perfect little dress for any birthday celebration!

That's about all I got in me today....
Send me pretty pictures, I like pretty pictures of things I can lust after and don't have to concentrate too hard on!

Friday, June 27, 2008

For the Last Two Months

I have been quite busy, no I haven't disappeared into a vortex, though I do often refer to my small city as one. My office has been in the throes of putting together some pretty important proposals, which has had me quite busy at work. And with summer coming up I have had more and more social responsibilities - of the awful fun variety to attend to.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Smelly's wedding reception. I knew the party would be good, I knew we would all enjoy ourselves... I didn't quite expect to feel quite so happy and overwhelmed by all the emotion we all know is in me.

The best of friends are the friends I have known all my life and boy did we party on Saturday, the best of friends are also the men and woman who propped my drunk/elated/angry/tired/giddy ass up while in university. I know people who feel awkward introducing old friends to new friends... but I have always loved that, the friends who have been my solace over the last 26 years are the friends I hope get to meet so we can be one big brady bunch family of friends! I feel lucky everyday to have such amazing friends.... one's that love with their whole hearts and souls, ones who share their stories in turn sharing their lives, ones who so willingly create connections so others don't feel so lost. My darling friends, you are the best buddies ever....

To all those friends who read this, thank you for sharing yourself with me. You all hold special places in my heart. You are the best friends a woman could ever ask for.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Go, run, and play, play, play away - you're going to love it! I promise!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Loving You.

I wish I could say everything to you that I never felt I could...
I wish for once you would hear and truly 'understand' the point we're trying to make...
I wish we could be adults....

I hate feeling like we're still 15...
I hate knowing that this is going to hurt like a bitch...
I hate that this isn't going to be easy to bear, for anyone....

I hope we're able to repair what's been broken someday in the future...
I hope we can be there for each other when it really matters, even though that day is not today...
I hope you know I love you and always will....

I ache knowing my words might fall on deaf ears...
I hurt knowing that my words might burn...
I heal knowing my words are needed....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Making Me Happy with Instructions!

I still feel incredibly new to the blogging sphere. I haven't had time lately to construct a proper blog post (you don't want to know how many I have started in the last week and deleted).

Yesterday I decided I wanted to share my favourite song of the moment because I haven't had enough time to do my blog justice. So I spent way too much trying to figure out how to embedd the youtube video in body of the post.

Yea - couldn't do it.

If there's anyone out there who can give me an easy step by step instruction of how to use blogger to do exactly this I would be greatly appreciative.

In the meantime check out the link. This is my happy song currently. Enjoy the song! And enjoy your Earth Day! Go re-cycle something!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Canadian Liberals Rejoice!

All I got is - "Holy freaking crap" - is this exciting or what?!?!

Happy Three Years Today!

I am ever-so lucky to have you in my life....


Monday, April 14, 2008

To Smelly....

Many moons ago - 22 years ago to be exact - I made a friend. We were five, we met in kindergarten, her hair was white like snow, and she didn't have trouble understanding my childhood lisp.

In grade four, five of us were separated from the rest of our friends, placed in a split grade 4-5 class. We became misfits, bonded together through what seemed to be our adversity.

She became my solace, a safe place, a friend like no other, the friend who helped me organize the un-organizable closet, the friend who taught me (and encouraged my Dad to do the same) how to laugh at myself, to not take things so seriously, the friend who always understood when to push to when to back off.

She's getting married soon, and I couldn't be happier for this woman who has meant so many things to me over the years. She was the childhood friend who understood my geeky appeal, she was the high school friend who always stood up for me....

We didn't go to the same university, but even that span of four years was peppered with laughter, and summer trips, late nights at the beach, Sex and the City marathons, singing (or was it screaming) "Don't Turn Off the Lights" by Enrique on long car rides....

Be married, be blessed, know you're loved...and when you're back we'll continue this journey with tea and dessert, wine, good food, delicious tales and more laughter than you can imagine....


Monday, April 7, 2008

Where One Finds Faith

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be a good person. Richard and I live our lives according to our own set of innate rules; rules that govern our minds, our heart, and our generosity.

Quite simply, we believe that while we’re on this earth we should be governed by the goodness in our hearts, that we should be kind to others, put good karma out there, be decent people because that’s what ‘right’.

Neither of us attends church. I grew up Catholic - attended Sunday mass, was involved in youth worship (now I can’t be bothered to go, the church I was raised in just isn’t the right fit for me) Richard grew up not attending mass/service/worship of any sort. And I can tell you quite certainly that he’s the more generous, thoughtful, and all around helpful individual in this pairing. So I struggle to know how organized religion has any place in our lives. I sure as heck didn't turn out any better than my wonderful significant other who lacked the direction that my religious worship supposedly gave me. His direction came from that innate sense of goodness that I truly believe all individuals have in their souls.

I always thought I would want to raise children in a faith-filled environment, but I’m not sure if that faith-filled environment needs to be 'church'. The dilemma for me lies in, this question, “Is it easier for us to instill generosity of spirit, life, and fellowship on our own or with the help of the ‘right’ church?” Right now, I’m struggling to find that answer and I simply don’t know….

Friday, April 4, 2008

All Phlegmy but Loving Friday Eye Candy!

Sorry for the light posting...

I'm still sick, and work is still insanely busy!

So here's a link for all my female friends.

I am sure you'll enjoy...I can't decide which one is going to become my desk top picture. Votes anyone?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Remedies Anyone?

I'm planning a speaker series at work. Our first event is being held this Thursday. I'm excited about it, we have a leading Canadian childhood health specialist coming down to speak about child development and building strong and healthy kids. I've been working long hours, and I've been finding this project incredibly rewarding.

I thought this would go off without a hitch... (everything was coming together much too easily).

I am on the verge of a cold, my throat is killing me, I'm stuffy and I have been sneezing endlessly for the past two days. I am going to hit up Shoppers tonight, get some echinacea and OJ, possibly some cold f-x - and hope, with fingers crossed, that I can kill this thing by 7:00 am Thursday morning!

Wish me luck, as well as send me any tried and true cold killing methods you have! Shanks!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Reminder for all Who Forget

I feel the need to remind everyone that it’s okay to accept who you are. Accept you are without Photoshop, gads of makeup, perfume and hair product….

I am in love with colour…some might say obsessed with it. My favourite colour is green, always has been, and that wasn’t particularly acceptable as a seven year old. But I didn’t care….

I can never, and I repeat never, get my hair to do what I want it too…but I don’t let it bother me (at least not too much).

I love fashion but I refuse to let it define me.

I do not need to look perfect…what I need is to look like me.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bill Simmons - "To An Athlete Dying Young"

The best article I have read all week.

(which rendered me tearful while at work, beware)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cursing 18 Year Old Wisdom!

My jaw has been hurting for a couple of months now. I wrote it off thinking I was just overly stressed and grinding my teeth at night.

I am sad to report, this morning I have come to realize that's not it at all....I'm not wearing away enamel (well maybe I'm doing that too, who really knows seeing I did not go to the dentist when I realized my jaw was sore).

Today my mouth is AGONY I have never experienced, the whole left side of my face is throbbing. I have a wisdom tooth coming in. A wisdom tooth in all my "wisdom" I refused to have removed when I was 18.

(In my defense, at the time I was told they were all impacted sideways and would that I would have to have jaw broken and the teeth removed at the hospital for it to be done safely - therefore making recovery unnecessarily long and painful).

So I said screw it, I'll deal with it when the teeth actually give me a problem...

Well I have a problem....

I am tempted to grind up tylenol and rub it on my gums! (And I seriously don't want to call the dentist)!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Yoga has always been "intriguing" to me. Being a naturally flexible individual who loves to nap, the combination of stretching and meditation appeals to my sensibilities.

Throughout university I dabbled in yoga - I would go to a class with a friend (and then decide it was too far of a walk from my home) - I would go to a class at the Physical Education Centre (and then decide I wasn't going back because the instructor annoyed me). Through this all I would repeat, "If I can find the right class I'll stay, If I can find the right class I'll stay."

And low and behold, almost five years later I have found the yoga class of my dreams. A class physical enough that I feel like I am accomplishing something, a class where I can tell my muscles will be sore the following day, a class where I can strive to become a stronger, more centred individual.

Thanks Devin for the invitation, class was great, I will definitely be coming back!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Better Than Sliced Bread!

I have mentioned her many times, but seriously, I can never get enough of Jen Lancaster. Today's post made my week!


P.S. - Jen's new book can be pre-ordered on the Indigo website. (I am getting absolutely nothing for this endorsement, I just love her so much)!

Regretting Not Taking Richard Up on His Offer of Espresso!

Here is the Friday edition of "I'm too tired to freaking post anything worthwhile!" (A nightmare woke me up at the witching hour [do I have to wake up from every nightmare at 3 am - that alone give me nightmares, Emily Rose anyone?], and I had serious trouble falling asleep afterwards).

So here are some links to items I found interesting today.

This really makes me quite sad!

A friend shared this link with me the other day and I loved it sooooo much I had to share it with the world!

I am a big fan of the Blog Unclutterer. This work space makes me droooooooool.

At this exact moment in time I could curse snow. I don't want any more of it! Gah!

And last but certainly not least, here is my spring shopping wish list - this is soooooo me, and these would look perfect with the pretty dress, and this can be my new spring coat. And lastly these are to be my new summer staple because even though I love yellow, I promise you I look downright ill if I wear it near my face! So on my feet it must be!

Let me know what you're jonesing for this spring season!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Waiting to be Read

This is the pile of books in my house, purchased, left unread when something more interesting came along.....

To the pile of sad and abandoned books; I know you're there, and I will read you. Someday....

Iran Awakening by Shirin Ebadi
Atonement by Ian McEwan
Collapse by Jared Diamond
Freakonomics by Steven Levitt
Organizing From The Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern
Larry's Party by Carol Shields
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hoping She Keeps Up With Me

I decided to take part in BlogHer’s Letter to My Body initiative...

Dear Body,

I feel lucky, very lucky, to have always had positive, well-grounded, well-rounded female role models in my life. Growing up I didn't feel pressure to be thin, to look a particular way, to subscribe to a particular belief system of what females should/shouldn't look like. I thank my Mother, my Sister, my Aunts for instilling in me the belief that what I say, what I do, that who I am is always more important than what I look like.

Until the age of 14 you were incredibly good to me dear friend, you allowed me to be a competitive gymnast, we danced, we swam, I like to think I was good to you too. Our relationship could only be described as healthy, just the way my Mother had intended. That moment in high school where I realized I wasn't as thin as the rest of my friends, and that fact alone mattered to an awful lot of people (mainly bullies and young men), that moment in grade nine when that male classmate called my size eight ass FAT I decided we couldn't be friends any longer. And while I didn't exactly go to war with you, starving you, attempting to make you apart of the masses I unravelled all the good work my Mom, my Sister and my Aunts had done. I stopped dancing for worry of what others would think, I quit gymnastics entirely, I swam only when I had too. I gave up doing what I loved because I DID NOT want to be judged based on the size of my ass. Instead I replaced healthy activity and my normal weekday schedule with entirely different sort of schedule of afternoon soaps, snacking on junk food and my own personal brand of self-loathing.

And while I may not be a sad, angry, frustrated 14 year old any more I still fight with you my dear friend (if you'll still let me call you that). You tell me to drink water, I pour more coffee down your throat. You encourage me to eat, healthy, good for you food, instead I eat on the run, offering you refined carbohydrates and sugars. You plead with me to join a dance class because you know how much fun I used to have, and I tell you I can't because I'm scared, scared of not being as competent as I used to be, as flexible, as able to ignore the snickers that might come my way.

I struggle everyday with the fact that I am not as kind to you as you've been to me. I worry that at some point you're going to rebel and inform me that YOU ARE ON STRIKE, that until I start caring for you in the manner I should that you are not going to do what I need you too. And yet that thought never seems to be to be the motivation I need.

I'm struggling to find balance in our relationship again, and I'm failing miserably.

I hope you stick it out with me, I hope you plan to be around for the long haul. Just so you know, I called a dance studio today... I am trying to be better to you... honest... I promise....


Friday, February 29, 2008

Reference Material

Lisa, creator of 20 Something Bloggers, writes "If somebody were to write a biography of your life... what would the recommending resources (like recommended reading but various types of media) include? They'd be representing the way you feel, the way you think, the things you like, etc. Let's say you have to limit yourself to 15 pieces."

Mine would be.....

*Thanks go out to Lisa and Peter for the inspiration....

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Welsh Corgi Anyone?

I want a puppy just like this little guy.... I am wearing the perfect short sleeve white button down top, grey pinstripe wide-legged trousers, a red silk short sleeve belted cardigan, and the most beautiful red patent leather loafers. This outfit is good for the soul....I wish the Canadian Liberal Party would just act already...our indecisiveness makes us look wishy-washy, silly, and irresponsible. All of which, I believe myself, not to be....I am ready for spring....I am ready for progress....

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Version of the Warm-Fuzzies

These words really resonated with me today...

"I feel warm and loving toward myself, for I am a unique and precious being, ever doing the best my awareness permits, ever growing in wisdom and love."

I came across a sampling of affirmations at one of the productivity blogs I read regularly, and while reading I was filled with a strange-quasi-warmness in my chest. And I started to think about how important positive self affirmation has been in my growth as an adult.

Silly as it may be to some, I truly believe that self-esteem can be built, nutured, grown over the years. I reaffirm my own self-worth everyday, and the words I choose to use are quite similar to statement shared. I wish I could show people how important affirming my worth to myself has been over the course of my adulthood. I guess the real testament is from those individuals who've shared this crazy journey with me, have watched me grow from the 18 year old girl floundering to find her way, to figure out her voice, to understand her worth to the 26 year old woman, who for all intensive purposes, has her head on pretty-straight, knows who she is, knows what she wants and knows who to love....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Catching Up with Life

Richard's Grandfather passed away two Saturday's ago.

Since returning from the visitations, funeral, and internment we've been slowly playing catch-up around the house and at work.

I will do my best to post something entirely entertaining in the next couple of days...

Friday, February 1, 2008

For the Book-Lovers Out There

I was inspired by a blogging-friend to share my favourite authors, whom I am loving right now, and whom I love in general....

So here goes.....

1) Jhumpa Lahiri - I love everything about her writing, it's so evocative and crisp. I really enjoyed the Namesake, and the movie which came out this past year is the best book to movie adaption I have ever seen.

2) Maeve Binchy and J.K. Rowlings - These two authors I lump together because they are my guilty pleasures! I was incredibly happy with how Rowlings tied up the series...personally I think Binchy hasn't been on her "A" game for the past couple of books, but her earlier work I can read over and over and over and over...some favourite are "Quentins", "Tara Road" and "The Copper Beech".

3) Lori Lansens - This author is from my hometown so I have a kinship with her novels, they extoll the "virtues", shall we say, of rural Ontario. I love the way she writes, the honesty and integrity of her stories. Check out her debut novel "Rush Home Road" or "The Girls". I promise they won't dissapoint.

4) Kazuo Ishiguro - "Never Let Me Go" has become one of my all-time favourite books. Haunting, errily touching, and lord did it ever make me think about life and what I want to leave behind for future generations.

5) And cause she rocks like it's 1999 - Jen Lancaster is the last author on my list. "Bitter is the New Black", "Bright Lights, Big Ass" made me laugh like no other book ever has. I CAN NOT wait for "Such a Pretty Fat".

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In Light of Family Birthdays

(Tomorrow is my Father's birthday so this post is a tribute to him and my family.)

I am a member of a tight-knit, well-oiled, loud, boisterous, wonderful family. I love each and every member of my family dearly and passionately. Trite maybe - but I am shaped by their existence, I am loved by each and everyone of them, and that knowledge makes my days a little a little easier and my step a little lighter.

My Father is the kindest man I know. He is generous, sincere and has room in his heart for all. He has taught me to be true to my word, to work hard and trust openly. I inherited my sensitive nature from him; I cherish that. I cry easily, I love deeply, and do everything I can to share my best with everyone. I really can't think of a better gift he could have given me.

My Mother is the bravest woman I know. She is calm, incredibly capable and fun (some might find it strange that I use the word fun as one of my Mom's defining characteristics, but that's what she is - she has a lightness of heart that always make her "fun" to be around). My Mom has been through a lot (especially in recent months) and through it all she has continued to be the rock of our family, immediate and extended, she reinforces in me the desire to be calm in stressful situations, the willingness to experience new things and the ability to be open to new approaches.

My Sister is the smartest woman I know. She is intelligent, articulate, and generous. My Sister is my mentor; I covet (although I know I shouldn't) her all-around "abilities". I strive to be half the debater, the professional, the generous, loyal, loving woman that she is. Someday I hope my big sister will be half as proud of me as I am of her.

My Brother-In-Law is the most ambitious man I know. He is dedicated, thoughtful and witty. He and my Sister make a good team, together they are what the general public might refer to as a "power couple". I admire his ability to persevere through all obstacles; his perseverance is what makes him the thoughtful, funny, fun man that he is.

My Brother is the most loyal man I know. He is spiritual, loving and truly knows who he is (something I find hard to come by in your average 28 year old bachelor)! I admire his honesty, his willingness to take care of any child that comes his way - known and unknown, met in the park that day - and I admire his unwavering dedication to those he loves.

My Richard is the the most thoughtful man I know. He is wise beyond his years, funny as hell and as kind as my father. I am lucky to have met him, I am lucky to share my life with him, I am lucky to be able to introduce him and include him in my wonderfully imperfect family.

And that's what we are - so wonderfully imperfect and perfect all at the same time. I am grateful that each of them have helped shape the woman I am and I hope with all my heart they are proud of me like I am of them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Farewell to the Old Me

I often feel like I am working way too hard to be optimistic because that's what people have to come to expect of me. The "former cynic" is now the uber-productive, positive, ever-efficient employee, coach, daughter....

I used to swear a mile a minute - now Richard laughs at me because I use "fudge" as an expletive rather than my former favourite.

I used to drink insane amounts of alcohol on a much too regularly basis and then make a fool of myself on the dance floor- now I have three beers a month. Maybe?! And dance?! I can't remember the last time I danced with no inhibition.

Bedtime used to be arbitrary, I was lucky if I made it near a bed by 2am - now if I'm not in bed by 10:30pm I feel anxious, I worry how I am going to be productive at work the next day, I worry if I am going to manage to get enough sleep because lord know what would happen if I didn't get eight hours of sleep a night.

My life used to be chaotic, mind-boggling to some...always off to the campus bar to meet friends for a pint, or to the library where I always managed to turn studying into happy hour...I was a social-butterfly (as my brother used to call me).

Now I am the anti-thesis of a social-butterfly.

And a part of me misses it... I know all this natural slowing-down is part in parcel the "growing-up" process, but I struggle some days with feeling like I've lost a part of me. I miss the old me, the natural social director, always ready for a good time.

I don't miss however, the hang-overs, the poor choices that always managed to make me feel even sicker than the brutal hangover. I don't miss the poor self-esteem associated with seeing my self-worth reflected in how attractive others thought I was or wasn't. I don't miss the knot in my stomach that this lifestyle left me with.

What I love about my life now is the security in knowing I have my self-esteem back, no more looking for love in all the wrong places...knowing my worth I was able to find and accept the most wonderful love of my life, without that moment of self-realization I never would have been able to accept Richard's affections willingly and lovingly. For that I am incredibly grateful...

Now I just need to work on getting over the grandma-syndrome, I don't want to be old before my time and I think that's what's worrying me right now. I know a part of all this is living in rural Ontario where the night life and the social circles are somewhat limited. But I just want to be able to swear like a normal 26 year old woman again, I want to go to bar and have a good time past 11pm, I want to have a "normal" social life...

So to start off the resolutions I am going to swear...

Damn you rural living, look what you've done to me!

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Doozy

One of my gymnasts brought in some new music to listen to in the gym. I thought goodness gracious we have a smart kid on our hands - sick of the music, she brings her own.

Much to my chagrin, she had brought in a Hannah Montana cd. I put it in because I felt I had to reward the conniving little upstart!

After training, one of my eight year olds ran up to me and informed me she "believed" she had a lot in common with Hannah Montana. To which my response was "Oh you do, do you??"

It was all I could come up with....

Monday, January 21, 2008

100 Things

About Myself

1) I started wearing glasses at the age of 4; I had next to no bridge on my nose, so my glasses would slide down to the tip and instead of pushing them back up I would stare at whomever was talking to me over-top my glasses much to everyone's amusement and frustration.
2) Also at the age of 4, I decided I wanted to be a music teacher when I grew up.
3) At the age of six my favourite songs were "We Are The Champions" by Queen and "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leopard.
4) I bite my nails obsessively, and strangely it's not a nervous habit, it's just simply an unconscious one.
5) I wore contacts from the age of 14 to 24 - My eyes couldn't handle it so I have gone back to glasses.
6) I learned my directions, North, South, East and West, before I learned my left and my right.
7) My Favourite junk food is ketchup chips, but it must be Humpty Dumpty Ketchup chips (no other ones will do).
8) I love Joni Mitchell.
9) I have 77 subscriptions in my Google Reader - please tell me people that you have more!!
10) I sang Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da in a grade seven talent show.
11) I like to think I am a good cook.
12) I have never broken a bone.
13) But I am often sick.
14) I'm asthmatic and because of that when I get a cold it usually turns into bronchitis.
15) I stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating.
16) I hate my handwriting.
17) I think most 12 year olds have better handwriting than I do.
18) I watch way too many re-runs of "What Not to Wear".
19) I watch way too much TLC as a general.
20) I have watched "Centre Stage", "Dirty Dancing", and "Circle of Friends" at least 20 times each.
21) I have read every book in the "Anne of Green Gables" Series at least 8 times each.
22) I cry reading particularly meaningful greeting cards.
23) I hug my significant other (Rich) at least 20 times a day.
24) I tell Rich at least 20 times a day that I love him.
25) My favourite candy are sour keys.
26) I don't really like chocolate.
27) My favourite carbohydrate is rice.
28) I could eat (good) sushi seven days a week.
29) I order the strangest pita ever when I go to Pita Pit - Chicken breast, cooked on the grill with green peppers, green olives and hot sauce - in the pita I get lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, tzaitki sauce, feta cheese and a little more hot sauce. That order, to me anyway, is the perfect pita.
30) Rich swears I am obsessed with olives and hot sauce.
31) I have a huge family!!! Seriously! My Mom has 10 siblings, my Dad has 10 siblings. I have 32 first cousins.
32) On my Mother's side of the family my brother, sister and I are the 3 oldest grandchildren.
33) I am Canadian and obsessed with all things Canadian.
34) My heritage is half Portuguese and half Irish.
35) When I was 7 my Parents took our family to Portugal for the first time.
36) The things I remember most about the trip were riding my great-grandfather's donkey...
37) Going to a water park where lifeguards caught little kids at the bottom of slides (apparently parents let children go down the slides when they can't swim - this bothered me to no end because I was always a strong swimmer for my age)...
38) And getting up early with my Dad in the village where he spent most of his young life and visiting the bakers of the community (they baked their bread in a stone oven).
39) When I was 11 my Mother took my Brother, Sister and I to visit family in England and Ireland.
40) My Dad couldn't come because he couldn't get the time off work.
41) My favourite thing about that trip was going horse-back riding with my cousins in the rain.
42) I also loved playing laser-tag in London, climbing over a fence to visit a castle after visiting hours, and going body surfing in Cornwall.
43) I was a competitive gymnast for many years.
44) If you read my blog you well know I coach competitive and recreational gymnastics.
45) I would have an iv drip of coffee in me at all times if possible.
46) I like beverages as a general.
47) Throughout the day I can almost always be found with a drink in my hand.
48) My favourite drinks are coffee (obviously), water, pepsi, and red wine. (that one you would never see in my hand at work though! - the other 3 are almost always in hand.)
49) I twirl my hair.
50) When I was younger I used to cuddle with my Mom and twirl her hair.
51) My full name is Katrina Rose
52) My Parents always called me Katie, or Katie Rose.
53) Today most people call me Kate.
54) Rich's family calls me Kat because Rich knew too many Kate's and didn't want to confuse his family.
55) I have an absurd amount of nicknames.
56) Most of them are innapropriate! So I won't list them here.
57) When I was younger I would read about 3 books a week.
58) Most evenings you could find curled up in an armchair reading some sort of young adult fiction.
59) I still read an awful lot.
60) My favourite things to read are Canadian Fiction, Chick-Lit, Political Biographies, Historical and Political Non-Fiction...and some Kid Lit thrown in there for good measure.
61) Right now I am finishing the last Harry Potter.
62) I talk a lot.
63) When I was a kid teachers would have to cut me off rather forcefully to get me to be quiet.
64) I would end up sitting alone - a lot - or they'd just stick me at the front of the class.
65) I've been to New York City once.
66) I was sick the entire time.
67) The only thing that seemed t0 be wrong with me was I couldn't keep food down.
68) No, I was not pregnant!
69) On that trip, I was sick in the Empire State Building, on Ellis Island, in Central Park and in the MET.
70) Even though I was sick all over NYC, I fell and in love with the city and am aching to go back!
71) The first time I went to Boston I had bronchitis.
72) I fell in love with Boston too.
73) My favourite soup is Clam Chowder.
74) The best Clam Chowder I have ever had was at Legal Seafood in Boston.
75) Runner-up in the best Clam Chowder contest is a local restaurant here where I live - the place is called Molly & O.J.'s.
76) I have seen a lot of movies in recent weeks.
77) I was really suprised at how much I liked 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl.
78) I rented and watched The Namesake and loved that as well.
79) I was a big fan of the book.
80) The movie is the best adaption of a book that I have ever seen.
81) My favourite Canadian cities are Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.
82) I also love Toronto.
83) I don't particularly enjoy rural Canada.
84) It's kinda boring...
85) I think my city would be a lot more exciting with a Starbucks!
86) And some fantastic new restaurants!
87) I am incredibly anal at times.
88) I HATE being late.
89) Because of that I am almost always 5 minutes early for everything.
90) I have a pretty decent memory.
91) I remember birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers, what people were wearing when I met them, people's childrens names....and on and on....
92) Rich, my family, my close friends mean the world to me - if you're special to me I do my best to share that with you because I never want you to forget that.
93) I would do anything for any of them.
94) My Parents have been together since they were 15 years old. They have been married for 31 years and are the best example I know of how to make a marriage work.
95) I am thankful for everything they have taught me.
96) I think it's incredibly important to live life in the moment.
97) My hopes and dreams for the future are worn on my sleeve.
98) I'm excited to live my life according to my plans.
99) Thankfully, I am surrounded by the best people I know.
100) I honestly believe my life is about as perfect as it gets.


I have been really busy lately (work, coaching, volunteering, family responsibilities have kept me running at breakneck speeds) and this past weekend was the first weekend where I had absolutely no reponsibilities and believe me, I relished in that.

Friday night after I was done coaching gymnastics I rented four movies (yes I said, four - no, all four have not been watched! 2 though, have been). Friday after I coached I watched a movie with Richie - Saturday I spent most of the day in my pj's - I watched tv, almost finished reading Harry Potter, made a yummy dinner with Rich, and watched the second movie - Sunday I had brunch with my family, ran errands, went to the movies to see 27 Dresses with my cousin - and then my cousin and I tried out a new recipe - and three of us enjoyed dinner while watching The Amazing Race.

The weekend was fabulously indulgent and I loved every second of it. Honestly, I needed the release, I needed a weekend where I did nothing but enjoy myself. Rich and I ARE going away the first weekend in February for some much needed alone time. But this past weekend was all about simple indulgence...and boy was it nice.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

When He's Done Playing Politics

I think Dennis Kucinich and his lovely wife should move to Canada. I swear, this is where he belongs, Canada is his long lost home. (Just like Ireland is mine! - More about that another day)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cheers 2008

While I agree New Years Resolutions are bit of poo-poo; fodder if you will for the junk pile of broken dreams, I still try to put together a list of yearly goals. I try to ensure that my goals are manageable and to be honest, simple (otherwise I abandon goals shortly after instating them).

To that end; my manageable and simple goals for 2008 are:

  1. Find a professional mentor (I recognize this is easier said than done but I imagine there are loads of leaders in the non-profit industry just aching for a young, energetic, dedicated protégée).
  2. Start saving for retirement (I am a year and a half behind my goal of starting an RRSP; I had planned to start one on my 25th birthday and that did not happen. I think I kept imagining that I needed an extra $500 to get started ; armed now with information I know that is not necessary so I will start one with whatever money I can throw together).
  3. Increase my charitable giving (My goal is to each month eliminate an unnecessary purchase and donate those dollars to a charity of choice - I'm thinking $30/mon is more than do-able).
So that's the list; short, simple - highly manageable me thinks. Wish me good-luck people!