Wednesday, March 6, 2013

15 Pounds Lighter

I debated whether or not to post this picture. After it was snapped I was feeling self-conscious, I felt I looked a little dorky in the photo; truly for the accomplishment this photo was supposed to extol, my first reaction was I looked chubby and I did not want to share.

The photo lingered in the photo stream on my phone for a few days. I didn't hate it so three days later so I sent it to the friend who bought me the purse as a birthday gift. She raved...not just about the use of the purse but the whole ensemble and how happy I looked.

It's taken me a couple more days to work up the courage to post it here, because all of the initial statements - that I feel I look chubby and dorky - still hold true. But I figure that's what this whole project has been about. Putting ourselves out there, so vividly, so vulnerably, even when we're afraid we could end up mocked.

So here I am; 191 pounds, 15 pounds lighter than where I started in September, feeling like a dork, excited to be heading out to an extra-special birthday party. credit: the ever gracious husband
...dress - Suzy Shier (I know!!!!), necklace - oooold purchase from Ricki's, purse - birthday gift