Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Remedies Anyone?

I'm planning a speaker series at work. Our first event is being held this Thursday. I'm excited about it, we have a leading Canadian childhood health specialist coming down to speak about child development and building strong and healthy kids. I've been working long hours, and I've been finding this project incredibly rewarding.

I thought this would go off without a hitch... (everything was coming together much too easily).

I am on the verge of a cold, my throat is killing me, I'm stuffy and I have been sneezing endlessly for the past two days. I am going to hit up Shoppers tonight, get some echinacea and OJ, possibly some cold f-x - and hope, with fingers crossed, that I can kill this thing by 7:00 am Thursday morning!

Wish me luck, as well as send me any tried and true cold killing methods you have! Shanks!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Reminder for all Who Forget

I feel the need to remind everyone that it’s okay to accept who you are. Accept you are without Photoshop, gads of makeup, perfume and hair product….

I am in love with colour…some might say obsessed with it. My favourite colour is green, always has been, and that wasn’t particularly acceptable as a seven year old. But I didn’t care….

I can never, and I repeat never, get my hair to do what I want it too…but I don’t let it bother me (at least not too much).

I love fashion but I refuse to let it define me.

I do not need to look perfect…what I need is to look like me.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bill Simmons - "To An Athlete Dying Young"

The best article I have read all week.

(which rendered me tearful while at work, beware)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cursing 18 Year Old Wisdom!

My jaw has been hurting for a couple of months now. I wrote it off thinking I was just overly stressed and grinding my teeth at night.

I am sad to report, this morning I have come to realize that's not it at all....I'm not wearing away enamel (well maybe I'm doing that too, who really knows seeing I did not go to the dentist when I realized my jaw was sore).

Today my mouth is AGONY I have never experienced, the whole left side of my face is throbbing. I have a wisdom tooth coming in. A wisdom tooth in all my "wisdom" I refused to have removed when I was 18.

(In my defense, at the time I was told they were all impacted sideways and would that I would have to have jaw broken and the teeth removed at the hospital for it to be done safely - therefore making recovery unnecessarily long and painful).

So I said screw it, I'll deal with it when the teeth actually give me a problem...

Well I have a problem....

I am tempted to grind up tylenol and rub it on my gums! (And I seriously don't want to call the dentist)!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Yoga has always been "intriguing" to me. Being a naturally flexible individual who loves to nap, the combination of stretching and meditation appeals to my sensibilities.

Throughout university I dabbled in yoga - I would go to a class with a friend (and then decide it was too far of a walk from my home) - I would go to a class at the Physical Education Centre (and then decide I wasn't going back because the instructor annoyed me). Through this all I would repeat, "If I can find the right class I'll stay, If I can find the right class I'll stay."

And low and behold, almost five years later I have found the yoga class of my dreams. A class physical enough that I feel like I am accomplishing something, a class where I can tell my muscles will be sore the following day, a class where I can strive to become a stronger, more centred individual.

Thanks Devin for the invitation, class was great, I will definitely be coming back!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Better Than Sliced Bread!

I have mentioned her many times, but seriously, I can never get enough of Jen Lancaster. Today's post made my week!


P.S. - Jen's new book can be pre-ordered on the Indigo website. (I am getting absolutely nothing for this endorsement, I just love her so much)!

Regretting Not Taking Richard Up on His Offer of Espresso!

Here is the Friday edition of "I'm too tired to freaking post anything worthwhile!" (A nightmare woke me up at the witching hour [do I have to wake up from every nightmare at 3 am - that alone give me nightmares, Emily Rose anyone?], and I had serious trouble falling asleep afterwards).

So here are some links to items I found interesting today.

This really makes me quite sad!

A friend shared this link with me the other day and I loved it sooooo much I had to share it with the world!

I am a big fan of the Blog Unclutterer. This work space makes me droooooooool.

At this exact moment in time I could curse snow. I don't want any more of it! Gah!

And last but certainly not least, here is my spring shopping wish list - this is soooooo me, and these would look perfect with the pretty dress, and this can be my new spring coat. And lastly these are to be my new summer staple because even though I love yellow, I promise you I look downright ill if I wear it near my face! So on my feet it must be!

Let me know what you're jonesing for this spring season!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Waiting to be Read

This is the pile of books in my house, purchased, left unread when something more interesting came along.....

To the pile of sad and abandoned books; I know you're there, and I will read you. Someday....

Iran Awakening by Shirin Ebadi
Atonement by Ian McEwan
Collapse by Jared Diamond
Freakonomics by Steven Levitt
Organizing From The Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern
Larry's Party by Carol Shields
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hoping She Keeps Up With Me

I decided to take part in BlogHer’s Letter to My Body initiative...

Dear Body,

I feel lucky, very lucky, to have always had positive, well-grounded, well-rounded female role models in my life. Growing up I didn't feel pressure to be thin, to look a particular way, to subscribe to a particular belief system of what females should/shouldn't look like. I thank my Mother, my Sister, my Aunts for instilling in me the belief that what I say, what I do, that who I am is always more important than what I look like.

Until the age of 14 you were incredibly good to me dear friend, you allowed me to be a competitive gymnast, we danced, we swam, I like to think I was good to you too. Our relationship could only be described as healthy, just the way my Mother had intended. That moment in high school where I realized I wasn't as thin as the rest of my friends, and that fact alone mattered to an awful lot of people (mainly bullies and young men), that moment in grade nine when that male classmate called my size eight ass FAT I decided we couldn't be friends any longer. And while I didn't exactly go to war with you, starving you, attempting to make you apart of the masses I unravelled all the good work my Mom, my Sister and my Aunts had done. I stopped dancing for worry of what others would think, I quit gymnastics entirely, I swam only when I had too. I gave up doing what I loved because I DID NOT want to be judged based on the size of my ass. Instead I replaced healthy activity and my normal weekday schedule with entirely different sort of schedule of afternoon soaps, snacking on junk food and my own personal brand of self-loathing.

And while I may not be a sad, angry, frustrated 14 year old any more I still fight with you my dear friend (if you'll still let me call you that). You tell me to drink water, I pour more coffee down your throat. You encourage me to eat, healthy, good for you food, instead I eat on the run, offering you refined carbohydrates and sugars. You plead with me to join a dance class because you know how much fun I used to have, and I tell you I can't because I'm scared, scared of not being as competent as I used to be, as flexible, as able to ignore the snickers that might come my way.

I struggle everyday with the fact that I am not as kind to you as you've been to me. I worry that at some point you're going to rebel and inform me that YOU ARE ON STRIKE, that until I start caring for you in the manner I should that you are not going to do what I need you too. And yet that thought never seems to be to be the motivation I need.

I'm struggling to find balance in our relationship again, and I'm failing miserably.

I hope you stick it out with me, I hope you plan to be around for the long haul. Just so you know, I called a dance studio today... I am trying to be better to you... honest... I promise....