Thursday, September 27, 2007

What I do When I'm Bored

My name is Kat - I currently live in small town Ontario and unfortunately am having challenges finding a fulfilling employment opportunity. I spent four years at university studying politics and somehow that doesn't translate to rural communities in Ontario; granted I never thought I would end up in my hometown so I wasn't particularly worried about how my degree would translate. Life happens, you move on and try to make the best of the time you're afforded with. I am currently sitting on my couch in my penguin pj's watching "The View" and surfing the internet....this is what my morning generally looks like!

Other things I do while sitting at home:
1) Search all the job sites I can find (I put together applications for anything that looks tolerable - unfortunately that usually amounts to two applications a week).
2) Play Tetris on my Google homepage.
3) Search blogs for home improvement ideas (namely things that don't require building supplies and hammers - believe me when I say I could lop off my hand with a hammer if you let me), job advice, and laughter (check out and you'll see what I mean).
4) Bake (I'm all about simple yummy recipes - I have the easiest, best banana muffin recipe).
5) Update my facebook account.
6) Call my mother several times a day.
7) Do loads and loads of laundry.
8) Search recipe indexes for dinner recipes I never use.
9) Keep on top of my all time favourite television show (Yea General Hospital - thank you for making my days tolerable - and for those of you who laugh at my soap watching rear, don't knock it till you've spent an excessive amount of time in your home during the day and realize these "stories" are actually entertaining!).
10) Read online news (I figure I should know what's going on outside my bubble).

I know this list seems a little sad and strange....but that's what I do with my day. If anyone wants to send me interesting ideas of what I can entertain myself with please forward that information on (I recognize asking for ideas is a free for all I may not be prepared for but in the starting of this blog I am trying to infuse more life in my day)!