Friday, June 27, 2008

For the Last Two Months

I have been quite busy, no I haven't disappeared into a vortex, though I do often refer to my small city as one. My office has been in the throes of putting together some pretty important proposals, which has had me quite busy at work. And with summer coming up I have had more and more social responsibilities - of the awful fun variety to attend to.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Smelly's wedding reception. I knew the party would be good, I knew we would all enjoy ourselves... I didn't quite expect to feel quite so happy and overwhelmed by all the emotion we all know is in me.

The best of friends are the friends I have known all my life and boy did we party on Saturday, the best of friends are also the men and woman who propped my drunk/elated/angry/tired/giddy ass up while in university. I know people who feel awkward introducing old friends to new friends... but I have always loved that, the friends who have been my solace over the last 26 years are the friends I hope get to meet so we can be one big brady bunch family of friends! I feel lucky everyday to have such amazing friends.... one's that love with their whole hearts and souls, ones who share their stories in turn sharing their lives, ones who so willingly create connections so others don't feel so lost. My darling friends, you are the best buddies ever....

To all those friends who read this, thank you for sharing yourself with me. You all hold special places in my heart. You are the best friends a woman could ever ask for.