Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Doctor Dance

I feel like I am weaving my way through the maze on Labyrinth, I am Jennifer Connolly, outwitting the trolls, sailing through the riddles, all to find a baby that was HERS in the first place!


One would think that a doctor shouldn't be that difficult to come by, but alas, such is not the case in Canada.

I de-rostered from my awful family doctor this past August. I called Health Care Connect, informed them of my first three doctor choices (who are currently taking patients) and then I got rip roaring sick. Bronchitis that turned into walking pneumonia. For weeks all I had in me was blllaaaauuughhh!

So anyhow, I get worse, I annoy the poop out my husband with all the croup-like coughing. So in an attempt to follow-up with the status of my care, really so that I could get my greedy (or simply sickly) little hands on more antibiotics, I started the tango.

One of the three doctors I had connected with Health Care Connect about confirmed they would take me on, but interestingly hadn't seen my paperwork come through yet.

So back on the phone it was with the Health Care Connect office to see if they could expedite my papers seeing I was sick right then. The kind lady was a huge help and said yes, she could give me a hand, but now I would have to wait till the doctors office requested more paperwork on potential new patients!

Are you still following me?!?!


So what did it take to "maybe" have a doctor by the end of the year??

Lots of paperwork, multiple phone calls, harassing a kind but loving friend who had great advice into the profession and what it takes to get a new doctor in this country. And it's still three months later and I don't truly have an answer. Just a "we have your file and needs in hand and we hope to be able to get you connected to a health care professional appropriately and in a timely fashion".

So I have done the only sane thing a reasonable person in my situation would do. I have booked an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. The appointment is December 20, because that's how far out she's booking.

My gut tells me...I will not have heard anything from a medical doctor before then.

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