Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Been A Couple of Weeks....

I have lost a total of one pound.

We went on vacation in that time so I am - in many ways - quite pleased with the accomplishment of not gaining more weight, cause well, I am super duper skilled at that. I swear I gain weight by looking at a coffee, a carrot, a carrot cake. I doesn't seem to matter, if it's food, it add its few calories to my hips.

So no more waiting for five pounds to post new pictures, pictures get posted when and where I have an awesome outfit on, and a picture gets snapped that captures the essence of why I rocked that!

A few girlfriends and I attended a charity fashion show this past Friday. We got ready at my place with pink champagne, I pulled out the pink tights, we all looked smashing.

Photo credit: Crescendo Media.
My outfit credit: dress - Banana Republic, belt - Steve Madden, tights - Betsey Johnson, necklace - Sonya Roe

**thank you lovely ladies for a great night!

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