Friday, December 7, 2012

The Power of Flickr

So I thought I would hit the five pound milestone quickly, what with all my working out and eating healthy (haha)! But I haven't quite made it there. Am I really surprised? All I am really doing is making better food choices and drinking more water. But that's been the whole point all along, that I generally make good choices, so be more conscience and make even better choices and see where this takes us.

So where I am? I am three pound down and that has me under the 200 mark which I feel should be a celebration unto itself. Right?! 198 feels like a celebration to me.

And in celebrating I have been spending a bit of time searching for some gems on the Internet, gems that brighten my day and make me feel great about myself.

- this flickr set illustrates the silliness that is the BMI index, I've been periodically flipping through the images to remind myself that labels NEVER matter
- I created a Pinterest board celebrating everyone's gorgeousness
- and I happen to know, I would so rock this dress

I guess, I just want all of us to challenge the labels and stereotypes and know that we - at our most vulnerable - are enough. Writing is forcing me to reflect on the deep, dark nasties in my heart, those voices that most days I manage to ignore. I must say, this blog is helping me to do exactly what I was hoping to do, love myself better. Reading, sharing stories, sifting through body positive literature and websites is reminding me, in very visceral ways, that I AM RIGHT. Knowing who you are, filling your life with love and being kind to yourself are the best ways to keep yourself grounded and focused on what matters.

So if you do nothing else today, please, click on the link to the flickr set and prepare to be astounded by the images and remember don't let anyone else define you.

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right there Kate! Be proud of who you are!